Mobile Exhibition

A mobile exhibition with the message of Netaji will travel deep into the rural and urban heart of India to penetrate the internal workings of the country. The objective is to make the experience Agile and accessible to individuals who haven't seen much of this history before.
Marching soldiers of the INA, animated to the beat and tune of "KADAM KADAM BADHAYE JA."

The tableau depicts a group of marching soldiers dressed in the INA uniform, led by a woman and followed by soldiers dressed in such, Sikh, Hindu, and Muslim garb. This highlights Netaji's secular and egalitarian ideas about cast and gender relationships.

Marching automaton of the INA soldiers led by a woman followed by a Sikh a Muslim and a Hindu.

The entire exhibition will be transported on a truck.

Kadam kadam badhaye ja message and song....

Mobile-related activity:

- Participation in local sports competitions (kho kho, kabaddi), Marching, and Drawing
  Themed Caps, Masks, T-Shirts, Flags, Balloons, Kites, and Pinwheels

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